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3 nights under the stars, 3 trekking

2 Transfers, 3 Trekking, 3 Nights at various sites of the Teide reserve


This 3-day tour will certainly leave a lot of impressions that will be fixed forever.
360 video (new virtual reality format)

An unusual excursion format combining: 3 simple walking routes that will take you through the various landscapes of the Teide reserve: mountain forests (south and server), lava rivers, black sand fields.
Below, I give an example of calculating the calculation of the menu of breakfasts, light lunches and dinners with wine (or cocktails) with octopus, shrimp or other dishes.
In memory for a long time there will be gatherings in warm blankets and contemplation of the starry sky (maximum stars in the mountains), romantic nights in a comfortable tent on an inflatable mattress (ergonomic model) and in warm sleeping bags with cotton liners, awakening to the singing of birds, hygiene procedures (mobile toilet + pump shower), morning breakfast with hot coffee, croissants, fruit and yogurt.
During the trekkings and parkings, a reportage video is filmed, which can be published on Facebook, YOUTUBE, VK, OK
We specially selected high-quality equipment (tent, mattress 200x140 cm, mobile toilet, pump-shower, fridge, table, chairs, warm blankets, glass and porcelain tableware.


The cost of the 3-day tour includes:
Transfer Hotel - Parking in the reserve (with legal registration) - Hotel
Full equipment for comfortable overnight stays in a tent
Fully equipped for dinner and breakfast (porcelain and glassware)
Equipment for trekking: Sticks for Swedish walking, backpack
Accompanying tracking, shooting 360 video
Organization of dinner and breakfast, shooting 360 video
Shooting and editing video in 360 Video VR format

Maximum number in a group: 4 people.
Duration: 3 days (3 nights)
(tour program below)

With you must take:
Sports shoes and warm clothes.

Mounted video in the format 360 Video VR - is sent via the Internet (link to download the file) 3-7 days after the tour.

Tour program

3 nights in different parking lots, 3 trekking different in landscape

1 day
11: 00-13: 00

Start of the tour, transfer Hotel-Start of trekking


In the morning, you have a hearty breakfast and go to the hotel parking lot, where we meet, drive in to the supermarket for purchases (or all the products as agreed are already bought by me) and leave in the direction of the mountain village Vilaflor. We drive through the village and go up into the mountains, stop to shoot 360 videos around a huge pine tree and go to the beginning of the trekking.

1 day
13: 00-18: 00

Trekking Sombrero - Arrival at the campsite


Leaving the car in the parking lot, we begin the ascent into the mountains, admiring the views and shooting 360 videos. We pass a mountain forest, rocks and exit to a mountain range with several points for filming, offering a magnificent view of the Teide Valley. The entire route, with a rise at the beginning and a quiet descent back, will take about 4 hours.
Then in the parking lot we sit in the car and drive to the campsite Las Lajas (15 min. Of the way)

1 Day-2 Day
18:00 - 11:00

Camping Las Lajas - departure for trekking Cueva Negras


In the parking lot we choose a picturesque place for a tent (a car is nearby) and in 40 minutes we set up a tent and the necessary equipment.
In the parking lot there is a barbecue area with ready-to-use stone braziers, wooden tables with benches, and a number of taps with drinking water. In the parking lot there is a stationary toilet, washbasin.
Depending on the menu chosen, we prepare shrimps, octopus and dinner. Around 23:00 - above us in full splendor - the starry sky with lots of bright stars (excellent visibility).
In the morning under the birds singing - we wash ourselves, perform hygienic procedures and prepare breakfast with coffee, tea, juice.
At about 11:00 in the morning we quickly dismantle the tent and leave for the start of the Cueva Negras route.

2 day
13: 00- 18:00

Trekking Cueva Negras - Arrival at Camping Chio


Arriving at the beginning of the route, we leave the car in the parking lot and go on a trekking route that leads us gradually and comfortably along a volcanic landscape along a circular route with an easy lift and descent on the way back. On the way, we see a video with new landscapes and views of the Teide.
The entire route takes about 3.5 hours. After returning along the circular route to the parking lot, we get into the car and drive to the campsite Chio (about 15 minutes drive)

2 Day-3 Day
18: 00-11: 00

Camping overnight - Departure to Chinyero trekking.


Arriving at the parking lot, we drive along a dirt road about 700 meters from the barbecue area and choose a place to set up a tent (the choice of seats is large and the car will be close by). We set up a tent, a table, chairs and cook selected dishes on ceramic tiles.

3 day
12: 00-18: 00

Trekking Chinyero - parking Arenas Negras


Arriving at the parking lot in Arenas Negras, we leave the car and immediately go to perhaps the most scenic trekking feature of which are many different landscapes, including black fields of volcanic sand, forests with tall pine trees, rivers of frozen lava.
This route is also with a comfortable gradual ascent at the beginning and a quiet descent on the way back. Here we take lots of photos and shoot 360 videos. The entire route takes about 4.5 hours (12 km)

Day 3 Day 4
18:00 - 11:00

Ночевка в кемпинге - отъезд в отель


After trekking we set up a tent under the tall northern pines with hanging green moss. Choosing a place for dinner.
In the evening we sit in plaids at a table with cocktails (or wine), we look at the stars.
On the next day we will have breakfast in the morning, and after we collect a tent and leave for the hotel.




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