Active outdoor recreation in comfort

Happiness - you can not buy ....
But there are places where you can meet him!


To experience the rest of Tenerife for life, choose one of our excursions!

12 m3 per day

Bleed and clean your lungs with the purest mountain air with the smell of pine needles and eucalyptus

Night starry sky

Directly above the tent - a transparent night sky with the maximum number of stars and constellations

Trekking for health

Stretch your muscles
(after lying on the beach and bus excursions) passing along the pedestrian route with a change of beautiful landscapes

Dinner in the forest

Fresh-fried shrimps, octopus, with salads, strong cocktails or Canarian wine.

Breakfast with birds singing

Hot coffee, tea, orange juice, croissants, yoghurts, dried fruits, nuts

360 video clip

We will shoot and edit 360 VR video for you.
Which can be published in social networks or look at the big screen in the resolution
5.7K. And each viewing (rotating on 360 videos in a new way) will reveal new moments of your participation in the tour


Our team specializes in active, comfortable outdoor recreation

от € 150/ 1 night

1 Night under the stars

An unusual excursion format combining: an easy walking route through a mountain forest in the Teide nature reserve, dinner with wine and cooking the Spanish Gambas dish (shrimps, garlic, pepper), sitting in warm blankets and contemplating the starry sky (maximum stars in the mountains)

от € 500/ 3 nights

3 Days at the Teide Preserve

An unusual excursion format combining: 3 simple walking routes that will take you through the various landscapes of the Teide reserve: mountain forests (south and server), lava rivers, black sand fields.

от € 180/ 1 night

1-7 Nights in the Motorhome
comfort in nature

Various packages of excursions, trekking, overnight stays, barbecue in a comfortable motorhome with a guide (located separately) and an additional minibus for leaving the camper for trekking and excursions.
Motorhome - comfortable room right in the woods with hot water, kitchen, shower, toilet, electricity and internet

от € 55 / set

Equipment rental for a comfortable outdoor recreation

For those who want to drive independently on a rented car around the island - we offer equipment packages for comfortable accommodation in Tenerife campgrounds

от € 90/ 1 trakking

One day trekking

The price includes: 1. Transfer: Hotel-Route-Hotel 2. Escort route
Depending on the pedestrian route and the selected options - the final cost of the tour is calculated

от € 80/ 1 day

Barbecue in the mountains

The price includes: 1. Transfer: Hotel-Route-Hotel 2. Equipment: Kazan cast iron, Grill grill, Campfire pan, Cookware, Gas stove, Kettle, Thermo
The price does not include: Products, Drinks, Coals


You can choose accommodation, so to combine our tours and rest by the ocean

from € 25 / night


On our separate site, you can find different apartments in different towns of Tenerife and at different prices.

from € 10 / night

Villa "Nautilus"

(Costa del Silencio) is a resort area on the south coast of Tenerife, part of the municipality of Arona and located about 12 km east of the popular resort of Playa de las Americas.



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