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Our unique system automatically compares the characteristics of real estate.

More than 30 characteristics of each object are instantly compared by hundreds of real estate objects and the client is given lists of the most attractive objects.

Compare the characteristics of apartments

Price m2
Total area
Terrace area
View from the terrace
Number of bedrooms
Number of bathrooms
Finishing facilities
Indoor furniture
Bathroom facilities
Type of kitchen
Location floor
Apartment Parking

Compare the characteristics of residential complexes

Distance to the ocean
Line from the ocean
Types of apartments
Index Walk Score
Height above sea level
Parking complex
Number of pools
The total size of the pools
The presence of a heated pool
Exterior quality
Evaluation of prestige


(these services are provided in Tenerife only by our center)


Access to the summary comparison system

Access to the consolidated comparison system (5-10 sites are entered daily from various real estate agencies in Tenerife). For each object, we introduce all the basic characteristics, which determine the rating of the object.


5 seconds object comparison

5 seconds comparison of real estate properties by ratings (on the only Tenerife Property Ratings Comparison Chart and in the Sorting of Objects Table by Ratings).


Top 5

Sending a weekly report to the client on the 5 most attractive by rating objects (satisfying the conditions of his search)
In a week we introduce about 50 new objects. And you get a report with the 5 best in view of the newly introduced.


Calculation of investment payback

Calculation of the investment payback of the object from the delivery of a short lease, taking into account the cost of water and electricity. The cost of rent, we determine the current prices on portals Booking, Airbnb.


On Line Remote 360 Facility Inspection

On Line Remote 360 object inspection in 360 Virtual Reality Video format. During the video demonstration, you can control the viewing yourself and get the most objective picture of the object.


On Line Remote 360 inspection of Residential Complexes

On Line Remote 360 inspection of Residential Complexes (in which there are selected objects) in the format of 360 Virtual Reality. This view will give you a complete picture of the infrastructure of the complex.


Technical Inspection Facility

After making a decision to purchase a free Technical Inspection of the object with the issuance of the Expert Opinion, the Floor Plan for the subsequent repair and 360 video of the object at the time of purchase to the client.


Object Plan for redevelopment

Measuring the size of the premises and drawing up a floor plan come in handy when planning repairs and redevelopment. We send the measurements to the architect, who draws a plan in the program ArchiCAD.


Personal page of the real estate buyer (our client)

We create this page for free for the client at the very beginning of the property search, he can see the following sections on it:

The basic priorities of his search
List of recommended objects
List of objects selected by the client for viewing with a schedule view
The list of viewed objects with dates of inspection and the summary of the client according to the questionnaire of viewing
List of objects selected for comparison

Map of recommended objects with ratings
Map of selected objects for viewing
Map of viewed objects with dates calculated by customer rating
Map of objects selected for comparison


Personal page of the seller of real estate (our client)

We create this page for a client at the very beginning of the sale of his real estate, he can see the following sections on it:

A list of the characteristics of its object with calculated ratings
A list of characteristics of a residential complex with calculated ratings
Price table object with a calculated price m2
In the table you can see the dates of decrease or increase in price.

List of properties with similar features and prices
Recommendation to the owner to adjust the price for the actual sale

Presentation content of the object
Description of the object
Photos of the object
Object Video
List of space sizes m2
Express drawing object plan

List of agencies to which offers are sent
List of advertising resources with an individual presentation of the object
View list with client code numbers, dates and customer questionnaires for evaluating his apartment


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